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Stewart Stenhouse has been a nursery man since he left school. His apprenticeship began some 40 years ago at Smeaton Nursery, EastLinton in East Lothian, Scotland when he was just a wee laddie of 15…


It was there he learnt the skill of tending, nurturing and growing plants of all varieties.  All at a time when many plants were still grown from seed or seedlings within most nurseries.  Rather than bought in ready grown to sell.


He became head gardener and took over the job of running Smeaton Nursery back in 1986


His reputation for being an honest nursery man has grown over the years.  He has always done his level best to find the answer to everyone’s questions seeking advice if necessary to ensure any advice he offers is honest and true.


He moved on to open Stewart Stenhouse Plants in 2005 where he still grows many of his own plants. The plant centre has steadily expanded until now when with the support of his partner Heather, Stenhouses Crafty Plants has opened.


This will add a new dimension to the plant centres as a new craft centre will open along side the plant centre in Dunbar shortly.